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Tax Season Dollar-Buster Deal 25% off Business Admin & Social Media Services

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I’d love to show you what I can do to save you time. I bet I even can save you on all or almost all of any training, since I come with my own tools and will put in the time to study your current/past social media activities and discover ways to make it better.

It’s Tax Season! We know that you, as a business owner, need as much savings as possible.

So we have a bargain for you. 25% off the monthly price means UNDER $365 for one whole month
(approx 40 hours) of Business Admin offsite work and Social Media services.

Get the deal here:


More packages & info on biz services here:

Overview of social media services here:

Questions? Give me a call! Offer is good til May 31, 2014
(feel free to pass this on to a friend)

If you’re interested but want to chat before purchasing, that’s great.  Give me a holler at and know when is a good time to chat. Thanks!

-Bobbi Jo


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